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of zwerg and kaninchen smooth-haired Dachshund kennel "Guniver"!

Our club is registered in FCI in 15.02.06 (doc. no.14/2006).

A little bit about Dachshunds.
Dachshunds are loyal, passionate, intellectual and playful. They will probably play with you as passionately as lounge with you on the sofa. But biggest pleasures of all is to crawl into your bed, under your blanket.

Dachshund is a wonderful breed, but not for anyone. Dachshund is stubborn and likes to rule. It can refuse to go out of house as if trying to say "it's better to stay in the warm house than go out in rainy weather".

Dachshund can be trained, but training takes time and patience, not mentioning tons of treats.

Dachshunds were constantly bred specially suitable for hunting budgers below ground. This is why Dachshund has short legs. Strong legs with big paws are helpful to dig the ground, shortness of which guarantees also that the first things badger meets will be Duchshunds'teeth, not legs.

They are smart and independent dogs and relatively fearless.

Our kennel is dedicated to hunting qualities of the dogs. Our dogs go out on regular basis to play searching and tracking wounded games.

By buying a dog in kennel "Guniver" you get a friendly and even-temperamented dog, a loyal friend for all life.

Thank you for visiting our site. Sincerely yours, Oleg Gunin.